Tammie is a very gifted healer that integrates skill and intuition to meet your body's needs. Her massages always bring me into balance and deep relaxation.  Her hands carry magic! – Colleen P. –

I booked a massage with Tammie because I had pain in my upper back and shoulders and was seeking some relief.  Tammie listened to me and focused on giving me the result I asked for.  I appreciate her attention to detail.  She was very thorough and after the massage was over, I noticed that the feeling of tightness and restriction in my muscles had finally disappeared.  My back felt supple and I was able to move with ease.  I was relieved and grateful that she helped alleviate the physical stress that I had been carrying around in my body.

Thank you, Tammie.  I am looking forward to my next massage with you.

– Roxanne S. –

A few years ago, I really did a number on my back. I remember getting a chair massage from Tammie a few months before and I saved her card. So glad I did. I hobbled in, and after a few treatments, I was back on my feet and exercising again. She saved me. Tammie is supremely knowledgeable and a true professional in all aspects of massage. She takes a personal interest in her client's health and well-being which I greatly appreciate. I always leave her office feeling relaxed and refreshed. Thanks Tammie! – David S. –

I have seen Tammie for massage for almost ten years. I have neck and back issues and she has used her "magic" hands to alleviate my pain. She knows her stuff and always checks in to ask how the pressure is. Making appointments is easy and it's always a pleasure to see her. I would be lost without her!  – Paula M. –

I’ve had the blessing of receiving both massage and Reiki healings from Tammie. My sessions with Tammie ushered me through a very stressful and overwhelming time in my life, bringing me back into balance and peace. Tammie is a compassionate and gifted healer with a beautiful and open heart. I am grateful to know her.

– Annette –

Tammie’s skilled and patient use of Chi Nei Tsang has helped me to release painful emotions stuck in my body. I value her gentle, caring approach to healing and recommend her to anyone seeking to move forward and let go of unwanted pain and suffering. I always feel so much lighter and freer after my sessions with her.

– Michael –

Tammie has been my massage therapist for the last seven years. She is a true healer and always sensitive to my body’s needs.  Her hands are both strong and gentle and she is intuitive in her caring touch. Tammie is also a Reiki Master and a skilled practitioner of Chi Nei Tsang, a deep abdominal therapy. I highly recommend her. – Lynda –

Tammie has been soothing my aching muscles on a weekly basis. She always seems to know where my soreness is and how to stretch and/or use the correct techniques that release my aching muscles and help me to feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated. With her professional manner and superior skills, I can heartily recommend her to anyone wanting or needing a wonderful massage experience.

– Paul –

I’ve had a number of different massage therapists over the years and Tammie is the best massage therapist that I have had. Tammie is strong and can work deeply. She is sensitive to my needs and comfort level and is always checking in to make sure that the right amount of pressure is being used. After receiving one of Tammie’s massages, I am so relaxed that I don’t want to get off of the table. – Traci –

I was seeking direct healing for stuck energy in my organs because I was severely bloated, and it had impacted my digestion. Tammie is so intuitive and has a wealth of knowledge that will benefit anyone seeking wellness. She helped me tremendously and I highly recommend her. – Meighan –

Tammie is a wonderful Qi Gong teacher. She loves her work and is passionate about sharing it with others. Tammie is a warm and welcoming person as well as a grounded and experienced teacher. – Lorraine –

Tammie is gentle and kind with healing qualities coming from her soul. I always feel flexible and strong after attending Tammie’s Qi Gong class. I recommend Tammie for group or one-on-one sessions. Hands down. – Peggy –

Tammie is the BEST!  She's taught me about Chi Nei Tsang for abdominal massage & good gut health.  If you have a tendency to be constipated or have loose bowels, this is a great therapeutic way to help manage these issues.  In fact, I have referred my patients to her for this purpose.  Her craniosacral techniques also are a great adjunct to the therapeutic massage that I have done when I get my sessions from her, every 1 to 2 weeks.  Even my chiropractor has noticed that adjustments from him have become more effective and I don't need as frequent adjustments.  As a licensed acupuncturist and registered nurse, I feel that her sessions are invaluable for total body and mental wellness.

– Janis, Licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Registered Nurse –